Volunteering at Save Omwana Africa is very different from traveling, because as a volunteer you will spend a significant amount of your time in one place and will be working on a daily basis with the local people in our community, rather than just visiting. This will provide you with an invaluable opportunity to learn about the diverse culture of our country Uganda, get some understanding of the issues faced by our community and develop a sense of being a global citizen, thus evolving personally.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if that is what you are looking for:


The area in which we are located is very nice and local people are loving and friendly. As a volunteer coming to give us a hand, you will be properly accommodated in our centre. Among other facilities we will provide you with bedding and access to a tv, a fridge, fans, a flush toilet and wifi connection.

There are several reasons as to why we need international volunteers:


Volunteers are a precious resource in funding ongoing minor projects. In this way, you can make a real difference by investing in small initiatives oriented at enabling local people to obtain income and improve their lives, such as cabbage growing.


Volunteerism adds up to the efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery. As a volunteer you can help promote inclusive participation of citizens in local development cycles, mobilizing the community members through voluntary actions aimed at facilitating access to basic services, like primary healthcare and HIV/AIDS prevention.


Volunteers who are knowledgeable in any given field can help greatly spur an existing project or even start a fresh one, building it on relevant skills spotted among the locals. You can accomplish this goal by combining your expertise with our knowledge of the community.


One of the best known benefits of volunteering is the social impact it has on the local people. Unpaid volunteers are often the glue that holds a community together. By putting some of your time and effort into running a cooperation project, you can create a new focus of activity in town, thus helping the locals get closer, make new friends, expand their network and boost their social skills.

For all those reasons and the well-being of our community, we will be very grateful if you put our appeal into consideration.