Discover Save Omwana Africa


The nature of Save Omwana Africa (SOA) is that of a voluntary non-profitable, non-political, non-governmental and registered community based organization [CBO] REGno[LMC/CBO/074], with the aim of benefiting grass roots people in Uganda. We are open to other NGOs, companies, churches and international agencies wishing to support, donate or take part in any of our activities, provided they subscribe our values, aims and objectives. Our organization is also open to individuals with proven experience in the activities we pursue.

At Save Omwana Africa we attend 60 illiterate orphans and 20 widows from Lugazi and Bugomba villages (Uganda). Most of them became extremely vulnerable due to the wide spread and huge impact of AIDS in the region, which took away their parents, husbands and family members, leaving them hopeless and helpless.

The children mostly come from the very village in which the founders of our organization grew up. Due to this proximity and knowledge of the community, we find those in need of help by walking door to door and recognizing their lack of support and basic resources. After that, we register them in our books and open a file containing their personal details and background, which allows us to better track their needs and follow up on their development. From that point on, we look for sponsors who can help them attend school, get healthcare, clothing and food.

Since we only have limited space in our premises, the children we look after at SOA are currently being accommodated in particular homes all around the township of Lugazi. So far, none of them has had a chance for adoption, but if the opportunity arises we can help with the paperwork.