When, how and why Save Omwana Africa became a reality



SOA started out in 2012. It was founded by Fred Seruteega and his sister Gloria Kuteesa, with the main objective of helping grassroots people in their own community, especially orphans and widows ravaged by terrible epidemics like AIDS.

Fred grew up in a ghetto called Geregere. His parents died when he was only 6 years old, leaving him alone and at risk with his sister Gloria. Thankfully, they both got a chance and were taken to an orphanage, where they were given good educationand properly taken care of. Once they became fully grown and self-sufficient adults, reflecting on their life experience, they decided to give back by helping the orphans in their community, who found themselves in the same situation they once were.

In the beginning, we at SOA started up our activity by setting up a sponsorship program for the orphans and English lessons for the widows. Soon after, we expanded our reach by offering monthly medical check-ups at our centre, as well as providing nutritious meals for the underprivileged. In 2018 Cristina Solé, a collaborator from Barcelona, fell in love with our project and joined to help us with promotionfundraising and the search for international volunteers.

Looking positively into the future, we now have many more actions already at work or getting cooked in the backyard of our minds. We would like to be always ready to live up to our commitment, and provide good education and healthcare for the vulnerable people of our community on a sustained basis. However, we’ll need a lot of support to achieve that.