Main goals of Save Omwana Africa


The major goal of our organization is to provide support and cater for the needs of the children and widows at riskin our community. To achieve that, we at SOA aim to teach vulnerable children, youths and women life changing skillsthat will aid them earn a living, Those cover areas such as African handcrafts making, money saving techniques, modern farming, computer literacy, HIV prevention, and coffee making among others.

Our desire is to see all the orphans and people in need in our community well educated, taken care of and empowered. In order to reach that, we keep all our efforts pointed at finding the resources to build a community school, a health centre and a shelter home for the little ones.

Special Objectives of SOA


  • To facilitate access to a better life and better opportunities for vulnerable elders, youths, widows and children, through participation and involvement in our development programs (agriculture, small businesses management, games & sports, health risks awareness).
  • To encourage involvement in income generating activities like brick laying, carpentry, poultry farming, bread baking and other similar activities that might have a significant impact in eradicating poverty and disemployment among the youths.
  • To support and develop the talents of the members of our community through music, dance and drama.
  • To improve moral standards among the youths and the children. To show them the need to take care of the disabled and unite them together to avoid discrimination.
  • To empower the youths and the rest of the members of the community with job creation skills. To empower them in the fight against the spread of epidemic diseases like AIDS and malaria.